Authentic Spanish Sangria

Since our founding in 1928 , our philosophy has been to make the best products in order to share our passion for the world of wine . At present Bodegas Valdepablo we retain the entrepreneurial spirit of the founders always looking to the future without forgetting the needs of the market , relying on modernity and new consumer tastes without forgetting the traditions that we have been handed down from generation to generation and fully rooted in the company.

That was the beginning of Bodegas Valdepablo in 1928 , a winery specialized wine-based drinks, transmitting the fantastic formulas from generation after generation until today . My grandfather had two great passions wine and sea. So we created Luis The Marinero to pay tribute to our history, our beginnings, the effort, our life, winking sea, summer and the Mediterranean

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Luis the Marinero


A 100% authentic Spanish sangria, to please lovers of the sea and wine


A wine-based sangria which uses traditional production that has been spoiled from harvesting of the grapes to its introduction into the bottle


We are committed to modern and new consumer’s tastes without forgetting traditions

Made with love

A brand new sangria brand that comes from our passion for the world of wine

Red Sangria


Vol. 750ml / Alcohol level 6%

It is a ruby red sangria with tears in glass, with its own identity where primary wine aromas of red berries combined - blueberries and cherries - with soft citrus aromas fused with sweet notes of cinnamon. The palate is different, soft, sweet and meaty with a refreshing aftertaste.

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White Sangria


Vol. 750ml / Alcohol level 6%

Sangria that evokes all the Mediterranean flavor, made with a fruity white wine of clean and citrus aromas. When pouring in the cup it delights us with a cascade of citrus and tropical aromas and in the palate it surprises us an explosion of flavors with a refreshing and unforgettable end.

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Rose sangria


Vol. 750ml / Alcohol level 6%

It is a sangria of an attractive soft pink, fresh and explosive aromas in the nose, with high potential citric with nuances of strawberry and raspberry. The palate is fresh and sparkling and refreshing with a sweet aftertaste.

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Vermut Rojo Luis the Marinero


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Vermut Blanco Luis the Marinero


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